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“Each person is a unique individual.

Hence, psychotherapy should be formulated to meet the uniqueness of the individual’s needs…”


Milton H. Erickson MD


Advanced Skills


Clinical Hypnosis and Strategic Psychotherapy

An Ericksonian Approach




Online Training Event

16 July 2021

Registration:  $ 250

(Full-time Students & Unpaid Interns $125)


Training Times: 9h00 to 17h00 (Sydney Time Zone)

Platform: Zoom

This training is an advanced skills workshop following the Postgraduate Intensive in Clinical Hypnosis.

A more integrated model to assess, plan and present hypnosis will be presented.

After speaking to some of the participants of the previous hypnosis trainings, I have realised that there is a need for previous participants to come together again for a refresher hypnosis training.

Our hypnosis training program has evolved over the last few years to provide a more integrated training model with regards to planning, structuring and presenting hypnosis sessions.  The latest hypnosis trainings provide a more integrated model and guide towards presenting ideas in hypnosis and eliciting experiential solutions within the person.

Therefore, we have decided to schedule this online Advanced Skills in Clinical Hypnosis refresher workshop.  The workshop is open to all practitioners that have completed the hypnosis training in the past.

The workshop will be an intensive advanced review of previous course content (refresher), but also incorporates new developments, models and scripts that have evolved with our hypnosis training over the last few years.

If you wanted to update and refresh your hypnosis skills, get excited about using hypnosis again, meet up with colleagues and friends on the topic of hypnosis or get all the latest course materials and handouts, this training is a must and not a perhaps!    

Looking forward to meet up with you again.


Carl Hattingh

Carl Hattingh (Callie) is an AHPRA registered Clinical Psychologist in private practice in Sydney.  He is the President of AICHP and the Founding Director of the Milton H. Erickson Institute of Sydney Australia (EISA).


Carl received the Fuma award for his contribution to Promoting Clinical Hypnosis and Psychotherapy in South Africa.  He is one of the past founding Directors of the Milton H. Erickson Institutes of South Africa (MEISA), past President Elect of the Milton H. Erickson Society of South Africa and founding Director of the Milton H. Erickson Institute of Cape Town South Africa (MECSA).  He has been a trainer in Ericksonian Hypnosis and Ego State Therapy since 2000 and has organised various congresses on clinical hypnosis, trauma and psychotherapy.  He is a registered supervisor and trainer with Ego State Therapy International (ESTI) and a registered Somatic Experiencing Pracitioner (SEP).


Carl has been a keynote speaker and faculty member at various international congresses.