Australian Institute of Clinical Hypnosis and Psychotherapy

Introductory Workshops

Introduction to Clinical Hypnosis, Ego State Therapy


Somatic Approaches in Psychotherapy




Online Training Event


23 July 2021


Registration:  $ 300

(Full-time Students & Unpaid Interns $150)



Training Times: 9h00 to 17h00 (Sydney Time Zone)

Platform: Zoom

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This 1-day online workshop is an introduction to the theory and the central underlying principles of clinical hypnosis, Ego State Therapy and somatic approaches to psychotherapy.


During this workshop participants will develop a better understanding of the common principles in these approaches and how the different approaches can complement each other. This can be utilised to have a more integrated working model for intervention with many different accessing points for therapy and being able to draw from the different techniques of the different approaches.


This workshop has developed out of the interest and need to have a practical understanding of how to utilise and integrate the principles of these approaches and the techniques in therapy.



Clinical Hypnosis

Our understanding of clinical hypnosis has changed and become more integrated with developments in neurophysiology.   Hypnosis can be understood as an expression of various “hypnotic” phenomena that can present in the hypnotic state and then defined as the experience of hypnosis.  The same phenomena can present in everyday life and in problems.  These understandings contribute to hypnosis to be viewed as a natural everyday phenomenon.


Ego State Therapy

Ego state therapy presents an understanding of the self as being organised in “parts” that develop as different neurophysiological systems or states. This can develop through normal development, trauma or introjects of people, experiences, attitudes or values. These states can also develop around certain needs and functions and be energised in different life contexts to manage life.


Somatic therapy

Somatic approaches to therapy present a greater awareness of the role of the survival brain, the nervous system and how an understanding of working with the survival responses in the body and physiology is important in the resolution of symptoms. The polyvagal theory has also contributed to this understanding.



Techniques will be taught with live online demonstrations and allow for practise of some of the techniques.


The training programmes of the International Society of Hypnosis (ISH), the Ericksonian FoundationEgo State Therapy International (ESTI), the different polyvagal- and somatic experiencing approaches have contributed to the content of the programme.


No prior knowledge of/or experience in hypnotherapy, Ego State Therapy or somatic approaches is required. Even though this workshop will introduce new participants to these approaches and techniques, it is also directed at more experienced practitioners in these approaches to develop more advanced skills in integrating these approaches.


The training will teach and demonstrate techniques that can be integrated with most other therapeutic approaches in clinical practice.  The emphasis is on providing a comfortable experiential learning environment and will include teaching, demonstration and practise of techniques.

Educational Objectives

At the end of this training you will:

  1. Understand the theory and underlying principles of hypnosis, ego state therapy and somatic approaches.
  2. Develop an understanding of some of the underlying neurophysiological principles.
  3. Learn more about experiential solutions.
  4. Learn more about the “bottom’s up” approach and working with the survival brain.
  5. Learn about specific techniques associated with these approaches.
  6. Understand the common principles of these therapeutic approaches that can be applied to various therapeutic interventions.
  7. Learn how to present the theory in psychoeducation with clients.
  8. Develop specific skills and techniques to utilise with clients.


Carl Hattingh

Carl Hattingh (Callie) is an AHPRA registered Clinical Psychologist in private practice in Sydney.  He is the President of AICHP and the Founding Director of the Milton H. Erickson Institute of Sydney Australia (EISA).


Carl received the Fuma award for his contribution to Promoting Clinical Hypnosis and Psychotherapy in South Africa.  He is one of the past founding Directors of the Milton H. Erickson Institutes of South Africa (MEISA), past President Elect of the Milton H. Erickson Society of South Africa and founding Director of the Milton H. Erickson Institute of Cape Town South Africa (MECSA).  He has been a trainer in Ericksonian Hypnosis and Ego State Therapy since 2000 and has organised various congresses on clinical hypnosis, trauma and psychotherapy.  He is a registered supervisor and trainer with Ego State Therapy International (ESTI) and a registered Somatic Experiencing Pracitioner (SEP).


Carl has been a keynote speaker and faculty member at various international congresses.