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Pain Management

Hypnosis for Chronic Pain Management

Contemporary Approaches


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8-9 September 2023


Training Times: 9h00 to 17h30

(AEST: Sydney Time Zone)

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This workshop will provide an overview of hypnotic strategies and suggestions for helping individuals better self-manage chronic pain conditions. It will begin with a discussion of the neurophysiology of nociception and pain, focusing on nine specific processes and physiological structures involved in pain perception, all of which can be influenced by hypnotic suggestions. Evidence regarding pain’s impact on other functioning domains (e.g., activity level, sleep, mood) will be discussed, and ideas for hypnotic suggestions and approaches for addressing all of these domains and processes will be generated.


A model for performing a thorough psychosocial evaluation of the outcome domains that hypnosis can benefit in persons with chronic pain will be presented, and methods for developing a pain treatment plan based on this evaluation will be discussed. Strategies for integrating hypnosis with other approaches with proven efficacy (e.g., cognitive therapy and Motivational Interviewing) to enhance overall treatment benefits will also be covered.


The emphasis of the workshop will be on applied clinical techniques; demonstrations, exercises and the opportunities for group consultation will be included. After participating in the workshop, participants will have the resources and skills to evaluate a patient with chronic pain for hypnosis treatment and design a treatment plan that addresses the various problems identified.


Learning Objectives:

1. Understand the neurophysiological basis of pain, and the implications of this for designing tailored and targeted hypnotic suggestions.
2. Understand the cognitive and behavioral factors that influence pain and the implications of this for designing hypnotic suggestions that help clients shift from maladaptive to adaptive cognitive processes and pain coping behaviors.
3. Be able to perform a thorough psychosocial evaluation of the psychosocial factors influencing pain and functioning, and design a treatment protocol that addresses each factor.
4. Be able to integrate cognitive therapy and Motivational Interviewing with hypnosis treatment to enhance treatment outcome.


Prof. Mark Jensen

Mark P. Jensen, PhD, is a Professor and Vice Chair for Research in the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine at the University of Washington in Seattle, USA. He has published extensively (eleven books and over 700 articles and book chapters) on the topics of pain assessment and treatment. His research that has shown hypnosis to be effective for a variety of pain conditions, including pain associated with cancer, low back pain, and pain associated with physical disabilities such as spinal cord injury and multiple sclerisos. He has also been evaluating the mechanisms of hypnotic analgesia – in particular the effects of hypnosis on brain states and brain activity, and how these brain activity changes may facilitate response to hypnotic suggestions. His award-winning book on the use of hypnosis for chronic pain management (Hypnosis for Chronic Pain: Therapist Guide, published by Oxford University Press; translated into German as Hypnose bei chronischem Schmerz: Ein Behandlungsmanual, published by Carl-Auer) provides a popular introduction to hypnosis and hypnotic pain treatment. He is also the editor of the Voices of Experience series of books, published by Denny Creek Press. Each book in the series includes chapters by 10 or more master clinicians from all over the world, who describe and model their favorite and most effective hypnotic techniques, including those related to inductions (The Art and Practice of Hypnotic Induction), chronic pain (Hypnotic Techniques for Chronic Pain Management), acute pain (Hypnosis for Acute and Procedural Pain Management), and hypnotic techniques that can be used to address a variety of presenting problems (Handbook of Hypnotic Techniques, Vol. 1).

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